Kilgariff Estate Stage 2


Off the back of the successful delivery of Kilgariff Estate Stage 1, the Land Development Corporation is looking forward to delivering Stage 2 for the Alice Springs community!

To ensure Alice Springs has access to affordable land, the Northern Territory Government and the Land Development Corporation, are working together to develop Stage 2 of Kilgariff Estate. This will provide a further 87 residential allotments for sale, directly South of Stage 1.


Vision and Objectives

The vision for Kilgariff Estate is to deliver a mix of attractive and affordable housing options, built upon the principles of innovation, diversity, sustainability and community.

Framed by world-class natural features within a unique desert landscape, Kilgariff Estate will strive for high-level liveability appropriate for the climate and promote an efficient use of the land.

Kilgariff Estate residents pride themselves on their community culture and we seek to uphold and build upon this strength.


How can you be involved?

As a valued member of the Kilgariff community, you now have the opportunity to comment on the Subdivision Plan for Kilgariff Estate Stage 2.

To view the Development Application, go to the NT Government’s Development Applications Online website at

If you have any questions regarding Kilgariff Estate Stage 2, please visit our website at