Kilgariff Stage 2 moves towards important milestone


A major planning milestone for the next stage of the Kilgariff Estate will occur in early September when the Development Application for the Stage 2 subdivision is scheduled to be heard by the Alice Springs Development Consent Authority.

This hearing follows public display of the Development Application in July and is an important step in the development approval process. This provides all stakeholders the opportunity to provide comments on the proposed release.

Directly south of Kilgariff Stage 1, Stage 2 proposes 87 additional residential lots over two phases. The first phase comprises 54 lots, including a large park, with construction targeted to commence in early 2021.

Kilgariff Stage 2 will deliver a mix of housing built upon the principles of innovation, diversity, sustainability and a sense of community, whilst being responsive to key market considerations and pursuant to local planning outcomes.

Key objectives for Stage 2 include:

  • Delivering land appropriate for a range of housing options for the Alice market and in line with local planning policy.
  • Promoting sustainability through climate-responsive design.
  • Connection with the landscape.
  • Building a safe and connected community.

Building a safe and connected community is an essential objective for Stage 2 and this will be achieved by:

  • Integrating local streets with open space to create a cohesive network of natural areas for connectedness, recreation and amenity.
  • Promoting walking and cycling through connections for active transport and passive recreation.
  • Centrally located, convenient and accessible public open space.
  • A development underpinned by the principles of Crime Prevention through Environmental Design.

Delivering a functional open space is a key feature for Stage 2. For more information and to provide your comments on the proposed park visit the Kilgariff website here.

For  more information on Kilgariff Stage 2, and upcoming milestones, jump over to the Kilgariff website.