Kittyhawk Estate Stage 1 Street Names


The Land Development Corporation is delighted to announce the names of two new roads at Middle Arm. The local Larrakia words recognise the strong, continuous connection to culture, land and seas that Aboriginal people in Darwin so clearly demonstrate today.

The road name theme reflects traditional Aboriginal fishing practices which captures traditional Larrakia use of the Middle Arm area, and is supported by archaeological, ethnohistorical records and Larrakia Traditional Owners. Larrakia have long harvested shellfish from the Middle Arm area of Darwin Harbour. Archaeological surveys have identified shell midden sites in the region from pre-contact through to World War II era.

The two roads, Dapdapma Drive and Damugula Place, currently service the Kittyhawk Estate Stage 1 strategic industrial development located on the Middle Arm peninsula, Wickham. Dapdapma means canoe, and damugula means mud-mussel in the Larrakia language. Kittyhawk Estate is named in recognition of the adjoining Kittyhawk Creek.