Posted on 02 August, 2017

Marine Design in Motion

Marine Design in Motion

On the 13th July, the Land Development Corporation appointed Aurecon consulting engineers to undertake preliminary design of the Marine Service Area (MSA).

The MSA is situated to the north of the Common User Facility (CUF) on the eastern side of Berrimah Road. The MSA comprises up to 15 hectares of strategic industrial land in close proximity to the CUF, the Port of Darwin and the NT Government’s preferred ship lift site.

The preliminary design process will inform a pre-feasibility study for development of the initial stages, which will potentially provide up to 4 sites sized between 2 - 3 hectares for marine services and maintenance activities.

To find out more about the Marine Service Area, contact Mike Butler on 08 8944 0914 or visit our website.

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