Posted on 04 December, 2017

Spotlight on Business - North Track Machinery

Spotlight on Business - North Track Machinery

Right Track for North Track

Congratulations to North Track Machinery who recently received the Minister's Award for Excellence in the Defence Industry for 2017.

North Track Machinery is located in the Darwin Business Park at East Arm and was founded in 2007. The business is marine focused and offers a wide range of services to Defence and Border Force as well as other non-Defence clients.

Key services include rigid hulled inflatable boats, support for Cape and Armidale Class vessels and other Navy vessels. They also have a registered Motor Vehicle Registry (MVR) inspector on site. North Track perform works on all mechanical assets including heavy duty and light duty vehicles and specialise in preventative maintenance.

To find out how North Track can assist your business, contact 08 8947 2993 or to find out about the new land release at the Darwin Business Park, contact Jenny Strang on 08 8944 0930.

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