Truck Central Showcases Concept Video


On Monday 29 June, the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and the Land Development Corporation hosted an industry event at Truck Central’s Vehicle Inspection Facility. The event showcased a demonstration of a Triple Road Train parked in the facility as it would under inspection with Manager, Stuart Hand talking guests through the process.

In attendance was the Hon. Minister Eva Lawler, NTRTA President, Michael Swart and industry-minded people who will use and potentially invest in the Truck Central development. We would like to thank you all for coming.

We took the opportunity to showcase a conceptual fly-through video developed by LDC with input from our stakeholders, to highlight the vision for Truck Central and its role in the logistics industry, now, more than ever. 

The video is available for viewing here:

If you’re interested in a Lot at Truck Central, contact our Sales Manager, Jenny Strang on 8944 0900 for more information.