Tiwi Island tourism opportunities

A group of visitors board a connecting flight to Tiwi Islands.

The Tiwi Islands are the perfect back drop for your next tourism venture. Located off the coast of Darwin in the Northern Territory, are the beautiful Tiwi Islands comprising Bathurst and Melville Islands.

The Tiwi Islands have a unique landscape, with spectacular white sand beaches, tropical rainforests and inviting rock-pools, coupled with an array of native wildlife. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the islands.

The culturally rich people of the Tiwi Islands are emerged in their history, art and culture, they balance life in modern society with the continuing practice
of their ancient traditions, such as the hunting and collection of food and medicine and singing and dancing for cultural events. The Tiwi people are also respected internationally for their famous artwork and are known for their love of AFL football.

A range of tourism development opportunities have been identified across the Tiwi Islands. Three concepts, with site options have been identified as suitable for tourism development including:

  • Glamping style resort with restaurant
  • Cabin style resort with a flag ship attraction
  • Weekender residential subdivision

All three sites have been taken to ‘masterplan’ stage with infrastructure and design concept plans available.

The vision of the Tiwi People is to create quality tourism or residential developments that embrace the Tiwi culture and natural resources of the land. The projects will be sustainable business models that will benefit the Tiwi people through the creation of jobs, training and a stimulated local economy.