US Defense Logistics Agency Awards Fuel Storage Facility Tender

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The US Defense Logistics Agency has awarded the tender for a 300 Megalitre contractor-owned and operated $270 million fuel storage facility to Crowley Government Services Inc.

The 300ML facility will be the largest fuel storage facility in the Territory once constructed and will be used to support the US defence operations in the region.

The facility will be built at the Land Development Corporation’s (LDC) new Bulk Liquids Area at East Arm, next to the existing Vopak fuel storage facility.

The new Bulk Liquids Area supports the importance of national security, defence and fuel security for resilience. Its location capitalises on the proximity of the East Arm Wharf, strategically located to utilise the existing pipe rack infrastructure, with expansion opportunities for future Bulk Liquids Area occupants accommodated.

The project will create 400 jobs during construction, and support an additional 20 employees once facility is operational in late 2023.­­

The Crowley announcement comes after Airport Development Group announced plans to establish an 80ML diesel storage facility in the Bulk Liquids Area.

Quotes from Land Development Corporation CEO, Tony Stubbin:

“The Land Development Corporation looks forward to working with Crowley and the Airport Development Group to develop two new fuel storage facilities in the Bulk Liquids Area at East Arm, Darwin.

“Construction of the facilities will provide a boost to construction jobs and enhance competition in the local fuel storage market.”

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