Stage 2

80 new Lots for sale.

Off the back of the successful delivery of Kilgariff Estate Stage 1, the Land Development Corporation is looking forward to delivering Stage 2 for the Alice Springs community.

To ensure Alice Springs has access to affordable land, the Northern Territory Government and Land Development Corporation are working together to develop Stage 2 of Kilgariff Estate. This will provide a further 87 residential lots for sale directly south of existing houses in Stage 1.

The Vision

Kilgariff Estate is to deliver a mix of attractive and affordable housing options, built upon the principles of innovation, diversity, sustainability and community.

Framed by world-class natural features within a unique desert landscape, Kilgariff Estate will strive for high-level liveability appropriate for the climate and promote an efficient use of the land.

Stage 2 is inspired by the natural surrounding elements, showcasing the magnificent orange of a desert sunset, grey of the surrounding gum trees, green of the parks and reserves and vivid blue of a clear desert sky.

Kilgariff Estate residents pride themselves on their community culture and we seek to uphold and build upon this strength.

For more information, visit the Kilgariff Estate website.