Planning & Approvals

Planning the Marine Industry Park

We are currently undertaking planning for the project area and once complete, the Marine Industry Park will create a hub for marine activity in Northern Australia.

Our development application process

There are a series of steps involved in obtaining planning approval, which can take up to 90 days for construction of building developments (with all required consultation activities and engagement undertaken prior):

Design Phase: A concept for the development is considered and initial feedback is provided on compatibility with the relevant design guidelines.

Assessment: A further proposed plan is provided and our team assesses proposed development in line with the relevant design guidelines. It could also be referred to independent consultants, design review panels or advertised for public comment, where required.

Lodgement: The development application is compiled and submitted, requiring LDC’s prior consent, to the appropriate authority.

Decide and Inform: Notification of the outcome for the development application is given.

Throughout the process our Project and Business Development Team will liaise with you to support your activities. An additional Working Drawings process may be requested if necessary. Only once approval has been given can you commence undertaking any construction of building activities on site.

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