Middle Arm Industrial Precinct is home to the Northern Territory’s largest and most productive oil & gas and mineral processing companies. The estate is set to become a world class hub for gas production and manufacturing by 2030. Located on the Middle Arm Peninsula, the master-planned 600 hectare estate will provide a variety of lot sizes for sale or lease. All lots will have access to an extensive product corridor network and planned water access to Darwin Harbour. 

High and low pressure gas availability supports co-location with feedstock suppliers in the product corridor. The estate also benefits from two power stations, well situated to service the requirements of future occupants and their operations. 

Current Status

The Land Development Corporation proposes to develop two estates at Middle Arm:

  • Kittyhawk Estate – Stage 1 of this 300 hectare estate has commenced construction. 
  • Spitfire Estate – This 300 hectare estate will be developed as demand requires. 

The product corridor provides an area for transmission of utilities, gas, feedstock and other products. All lots will be reticulated with power, water and communications infrastructure. There is also potential for sites to be serviced with reticulated high and low pressure gas.