Are lease options available on the lots at Middle Arm Industrial Precinct

Yes.  LDC offer an Interim Agreement process to proponents to provide pre-lease arrangements, supporting and tenure arrangement for the proponent prior to any formal commitment being able to be entered during a proponents feasibility and planning stages.

Is there water access located close to Kittyhawk Estate?

Water access options are currently being investigated by the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and LDC to facilitate a Port facility for export of products and a Module Offload Facility (MOF), within the Middle Arm Industrial Precinct. It is envisioned that the water access facilities will be built-for-purpose, allowing common use by many proponents.

Is there secure access to Middle Arm Industrial Precinct

The Middle Arm Industrial Precinct is accessed via Channel Island Road, past Elizabeth River Bridge south of Palmerston. Alternatively, Channel Island Road can be accessed via Jenkins Road, off the Stuart Hwy.  Stage 1 of Kittyhawk Estate will be accessed via a new intersection off Channel Island Road, approximately 600m past the Weddell Power Station.

What power stations are located nearby?

Weddell Power Station is located immediately south-east of Stage 1 of the Kittyhawk Estate development.  In addition, Channel Island Power Station (CIPS) the largest power station in the NT, and the main source of electricity for the Darwin Katherine Interconnected System is located on Channel Island, approximately 10km to the west of Stage 1, via Channel Island Road.

Can I work with LDC to develop a lot to my specifications?

Yes.  LDC require all proponents to complete a Proponent Project Proposal in order to develop an initial understanding of land and servicing requirements.

Are there any common-user amenities available at Middle Arm Industrial Precinct?

Several common-use facilities are envisioned for the Precinct.  This will comprise hardstand and laydown areas during construction phases, as well as common-use tank storage areas adjacent to export facilities.  Common-use feedstock and product pipelines have also been considered in the early planning phase. The makeup of common-use pipelines will be determined on an as-needs basis and be largely project driven.  A common-use Module Offload Facility is also anticipated.

Will there be warehouses available for short term lease?


What land options do you have available now?

Stage 1 of the Kittyhawk Estate will comprise of 3 lots available for development.  Lot sizes are listed below:

  • Lot 2 = 15.0 ha
  • Lot 3 = 1.0 ha
  • Lot 4 = 16.5 ha

There remains approximately 250 hectares of available land at Kittyhawk Estate, which will be developed in future stages, on a proponent needs basis.

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