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What size are the lots for sale?

Truck Central has 22 lots available for sale ranging in size from 3000m2 to 9000m2.

What facilities currently exist at Truck Central?

Current facilities at Truck Central include:

  • Vehicle Inspection Facility
  • BP 24/7 Truck Stop
  • Road Train Assembly Area
Are there lots available that can be seen from Tiger Brennan Drive?

Yes. There are currently 8 lots available for sale that have premium exposure to Tiger Brennan Drive. Traffic movements on Tiger Brennan Drive equate to 18,000 per day.

Can I use the Road Train Assembly Area?

The 3.5 hectare Road Train Assembly Area is purpose built for the break-up and configuration of equipment. This facility is under 24 hour video surveillance.

What facilities are near-by?

The central location of the facility means both Darwin and Palmerston CBD’s are nearby with access to all amenities, schools, restaurants and bars.

Can I work with LDC to develop a building to my specifications?

Yes. Truck Central has Design Covenants in place to protect the integrity of the development to ensure a hub for the transport industry.

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