LDC Outlook 2024-25

Outlook 2024-25

LDC is always looking ahead, planning and preparing to deliver outcomes for the Territory beyond the current year. As part of this deliverable and estate planning, LDC has recently launched the LDC Outlook 2024-25 report.

LDC Outlook 2024-25 presents a forward looking view of expectations, opportunities and constraints faced by LDC for the coming year and beyond. It reflects a current activity forecast for the year ahead, LDC’s financial position and summarises staffing issues. The outlook for each of LDC’s land estates is discussed, along with consideration of a number of strategic issues. Finally, the status of LDC’s Reconciliation Action Plan and new 5-Year Strategic Plan (FY2024-2029) are presented.

To find out our focus and priorities for the new financial year and beyond, view the LDC Outlook 2024-25 here.