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Are lease options available on the lots at the Marine Industry Park?

Yes. Lease options for Lots in the Marine Industry Park are available.

Is the existing Hardstand and Barge Ramp currently available for lease?

The Hardstand is available for lease on a daily or monthly rate. The barge ramp can be accessed by half, full or multi day agreement. Find more here.

Can I access the Marine Industry Park after hours?

24 hour access will be available to privately owned or leased lots. Restricted access times may apply to the Ship Lift.

Will I be able to access and use the Ship Lift?

The Ship Lift will be accessible to vessels via commercial agreement with the Operator.

When will lots be available to secure?

LDC is currently undertaking pre-feasibility studies and will keep interested parties up-to-date as works progress.

Can I work with LDC to develop a lot to my specifications?

Specific needs may be able to be accommodated.

Will there be buildings and warehouses available for short term lease?

LDC may provide warehousing available for lease either on short or long term basis. We are undertaking planning on final amenities to be provided.

What common-use facilities are available at the Marine Industry Park?

Hardstand for general goods or vessel storage and maintenance and barge ramp access. Use will be via commercial agreement with the operator(s).

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