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Truck Central

Purpose-built transport hub for Northern Australia

Truck Central is designed and developed specifically for the transport and freight industry. With seamless transition from the road to the facilities, Truck Central is a unique development with dual access lots and investment opportunities for the industry.

The co-location of key transport facilities and businesses at Truck Central will significantly improve supply chain efficiencies as well as heavy transport safety and productivity in the Top End.


Vehicle Inspection Facility: This facility is unique in Australia and possibly the world in its ability to handle the inspection of up to three fully-configured 53.5 metre triple road trains. Inspection compliance requirements can now be met without operators losing time disconnecting and reconnecting trailers.

Road Train Assembly Area: Comprises over 3 hectares of heavy duty concrete hardstand to facilitate driver fatigue management and the reconfiguration of prime movers in a safe and fit-for-purpose environment.

BP Truck Stop: Purpose-built for heavy vehicle refuelling. The Truck Stop includes a dining area with fresh cooked meals, Truckies lounge, shower and toilet facilities.

Safety and productivity: The co-location of key transport facilities and businesses at Truck Central will significantly improve supply chain efficiencies as well as heavy transport safety and productivity in the Top End.

Access: Truck Central is designed for fully configured road train combinations and up to 10 x 8 modular steerable platforms for high wide loads.

Visibility: Being at the nexus of Darwin’s major roads, Truck Central has exposure to more than 18,000 traffic movements daily.

Flexible lot sizes: Truck Central provides 22 industrial lots between 3000m2 to 9000m2 to cater for a broad cross-section of transport servicing and industrial activities.

NBN ready: All titled lots are ready for NBN connection.

Truck Central is strategically located between Darwin and Palmerston on the corner of Tiger Brennan Drive and Wishart Road. Five, dual access lots are currently available for sale by the Land Development Corporation with flexible agreements available.

Key transport nodes including the Berrimah Rail Freight Terminal, East Arm Wharf, Marine Supply Base and Darwin International Airport are positioned within close proximity to Truck Central.


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Current residents

Truck Central 2

Road Train Assembly Area

3 hectare handstand with parking bays and ramp for configuring vehicles.

Truck Central

BP Truck Stop

24 hour access to facilities and food.

Truck Central 4

Vehicle Inspection Facility

The Vehicle Inspection Facility is the first of its kind within Australia and the World.

Existing facilities

Currently in development

Current investment

Truck Central 3

BP Truck Stop

The BP Truck Stop is open 24/7 with a range of driver facilities available.

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