Tiwi Islands

Australia’s pristine island destination.

The Tiwi Islands, Bathurst and Melville, cover a large expanse of around 780,000 hectares and are approximately 70 kilometres north of Darwin Northern Territory, within easy reach via light aircraft or ferry.

There are a wide range of development opportunites on the Islands including Tourism and Residential, Agriculture, Aquaculture and industrial sectors.

The Land Development Corporate is seeking expressions of interest in the above sectors that will be a sustainable business model that will benefit the Tiwi people through the creation of jobs, training and a stimulated local economy.

Find out more on the Develop Tiwi project here: www.developtiwi.com.au

Tiwi Island tourism opportunities

Opportunities for Tourism on the pristine Tiwi Islands.

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Kilgariff Estate: Stage 2B (Civil Works) Subdivision Construction

This contract relates to the construction of Stage 2B. Stage 2B will comprise of 36 lots, (including…